Primobolan Injection Genesis, 100 mg / ml, 10 ml View larger

Primobolan Injection Genesis, 100 mg/ml, 10 ml


Primobolan Injection Genesis, 100 mg/ml, 10 ml

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    Buy Primobolan (Methenolone Enanthate) Injection Genesis

    Primobolan is the brand name for methenolone. Primobolan was first produced by the German company Schering AG and that it will continue producing. Methenolone enanthate injection mold causes mild pain during application. Primobolan also exists in tablets of 25 mg usually methenolone acetate. Primobolan is almost pure anabolic effects, androgen action is almost zero. The anabolic effects are weak. Form acetate promotes fat burning. For liver is non toxic.

    Primobolan Side Effects

    Primobolan has almost no side effects, because it is not aromatized, does not cause water retention, is not 17 - alpha - alkylated and androgenic action is very weak. It does not increase blood pressure or cholesterol. Since the side effects are minimal it is often considered starting steroid. The only side effect may be hair loss.

    Primobolan Dosage

    Dosage Primobolan tablets must be high, because a large part of the active substance is deactivated in the liver. The usual dose is 2-6 tablets (100-300mg) daily in two doses. Dosage Primobolan injection is 200-400 mg per week.

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