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Subname: Halostestin 5mg

Contents: 5mg / tablet Halostestin (100 tablets)

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    Halotestin was developed in 1957. It is used in the treatment of delayed puberty in men, in the treatment of breast cancer in women.
    Halotestin description:
    It is a strong androgen but has only moderate anabolic effects. It is taken orally. It significantly contributes to gaining muscle hardness and strength. Muscle gains are moderate. It is mainly used in power and martial arts. At doses up to 20mg, it does not retain water almost at all. It is very hepatoxic, has very many side effects, ie acne, nosebleeds, headaches, digestive problems, strong decrease in the production of own testosterone, increased aggressiveness, hair loss. Gynecomastia and high blood pressure occur only at high dosages. Used to eat in the diet.
    Fluoxymesterone, known under the tradename Halotestin, is derived from testosterone by the addition of the methyl group CH 3 to 17. Carbon, hydroxyl groups OH to 11. Fluorine carbon (F) to 9. Carbon. It was first described in 1956.
    Fluoxymesterone, known under the tradename Halotestin, is derived from testosterone by the addition of the CH 3 methyl group to the 17th carbon, the OH hydroxyl to the 11th carbon and the fluorine (F) to the 9th carbon. It was first described in 1956.
    Fluoxymesterone does not have serious competition between anabolic steroids for extreme hepatotoxicity. It is the most harmful of commonly used steroids. Only oxymetholon and Methyltestosterone breathe on his back. In particular, fluoxymesterone users may experience large increases in aggression as well as increased red blood cell counts. It is used only by power athletes because fluoxymesterone increases strength without increasing muscle mass (it does not flavor at all), and bodybuilders take it to improve muscle hardness. However, the absence of aromatization (thanks to the OH group) is a weak advantage if we consider that many athletes using uncontrolled fluoxymesterone have ended up in intensive care units. Due to 5-alpha reductase, fluoxymesterone is also very readily converted to potent androgens that cause strong acne and hair loss. Already at low doses, it strongly suppresses the production of body testosterone.
    A reasonable cycle time is 4 weeks (maximum 6) and a relatively safe dose of only 10-20 mg daily. Athletes take 20-40 mg. It is advisable to take liver protection products during the cycle and to pass liver tests after the cycle. Its detection time is about 2 months.
    How to use Halotestin:
    Halotestin has a relatively short half-life of 9.5 hours. It is usually taken twice a day at maximum daily doses of 20-40mg. Its duration of use should not exceed 4-6 weeks. Detection time = 2 months.

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