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Oxandrolone Tablets Swiss Remedies


Subname: Oxandrolone 10mg

Contents: 10mg / tablet Oxandrolone (100tablets)

Chemical name: 17β-hydroxy-17α-methyl-2-oxa-5α-androstan-3-one

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    Oxandrolone therapeutic Use:
    It is used to accelerate the growth of children and to prevent osteoporosis in women, as well as supportive treatment for AIDS.
    Oxandrolone description:
    It has weak androgenic effects, thus causing very strong gains in strength but without excessive weight gain because it does not cause almost any water retention in the body. Oxandrolone alone does not cause a qualitatively significant change in muscle mass. However, according to recent studies, the mass obtained is maintained for a long time. It does not aromatize even with higher and prolonged use. This substance does not affect the endogenous testosterone production in short and low use. However, testicular atrophy is a common phenomenon in long-term use. (The study showed that the endogenous testosterone production was reduced by 67% over a period of 12 weeks with 80mg daily). Oxandrolone is a very popular steroid. Searle introduced it to the US market under the name Anavar in 1964. Oxandrolone enjoyed great popularity for two decades until its production was stopped (June 1, 1989). Today, oxandrolone is only legally produced in a few countries, only in the form of tablets with a very low active ingredient.
    Oxandrolone side effects:
    Side effects compared to other substances are rather weak, most often acne is mentioned and it has a strong effect on the digestive tract (at higher doses), so regular diarrhea is often mentioned when taking oxandrolone. As one of the few steroids, it promotes the proliferation of muscle myofibrils, especially in long-term cycles of about 2-3 months. Is the efficiency of the positive nitrogen balance even in minimal amounts. It supports the production of creatine phosphate and increases its supply in muscle. It is especially suitable for diet, but also for volume. It quiets the feeling of hunger and, according to the latest studies, also has mild fat-burning effects. It is a 17-alpha-alkylated preparation, ie it is liver-toxic, but it is not extreme (studies with oxandrolone administered daily at 20mg for 12 weeks showed minimal effect on liver elevation). Since oxandrolone is a dihydrotestosterone derivative, it does not aromatize at all and does not cause a soft muscular appearance, a dull appearance, or gynecomastia in men. Also, androgenic effects are minimal, even in susceptible individuals. It can be said that at normal doses, oxandrolone has virtually no visible side effects. Because it does not produce sudden muscle gains, it is suitable for users with a potential risk of higher blood pressure. Oxandrolone may sometimes cause bloating and vomiting when given with food. Some users also report nausea when taking oxandrolone alone. The use of this weak androgen is widespread in women.
    Oxandrolone anabolic effects:
    Oxandrolone is not suitable for taking up volumes, rather for strength and muscle hardness, because it promotes myofibrillary hypertrophy and stimulates creatine phosphate supplies. Some powerlifters argue that this is a steroid number 1 for gaining strength without weight gain and excessive water retention. The development of muscle mass progresses slowly, but it is a high quality muscle. Oxandrolone is therefore widely used by powerlifters who want to increase strength but remain in their weight category. It is also a good choice for drawing when weight is not being used. It is appreciated as a very good "fat burner". It is often possible to see several bodybuilders taking oxandrolone two months before the competition. It is also recommended for catabolism or loss of active body mass related to AIDS, cancer, osteoporosis and hepatitis. The opinions on the anabolic effects of oxandrolone are influenced by its low concentration in tablets and the high cost that makes it difficult to take high doses. Athletes often take only about 20 mg per day, which is very low compared to other steroid doses.

    Oxandrolone dosage:
    The recommended dosage is 30mg to 100mg daily for 6-12 weeks. Halflife = 9-12 hours. Thus, the doses are usually divided into two times a day, in the morning and early evening. He keeps in the body for about 30 days. Although oxandrolone alone does not produce large muscle gains, it may increase the effect of other steroids. It can be excellent in conjunction with highly androgenic steroids such as Dianabol or testosterone. In conjunction with other non-flavoring steroids (stanozolol, methenolone), it is suitable for muscle strength and hardness. If the volume is desired, but the user does not love injections, it can be combined with low doses of oxymetholone (25-50 mg / day) or Dianabol (10-20 mg / day). However, it is generally better to use injection steroids for oxymetholone, since the addition of oral steroids increases dramatically its liver toxicity. Oxandrolone is particularly suitable for athletes over 40 due to its safety.

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